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“The Fnac seldom overpraizes talented artists but the Fnac uses superlatives when she tends an invitation to Emmanuelle Swiercz. Her résumé is very much unlike that of many budding talents.

We will find there the road already walked from the Paris Conservatoire to a number of competitions where she distinguished herself; we find the road already walked faultless and even exemplary.

There is no doubt that she was destined to become a wonderful soloist. It should be mentioned, and it’s important, that she started the piano at nine when so many prodigies have already been playing for five years. 

Two years later she gives her first concert with orchestra and barely five years later she easily joins the CNSM (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris). 

We have here a vocation that came late along with a stunning success. This tells us a great deal about her will and her temperament to win. 

Listening to her recording of Rachmaninov published by Intrada confirms it all. 

Listening to that record without knowing the pianist reveals a sense of maturity, a technique found with long

practice and understanding for the musical essence itself. 

Not only Emmanuelle Swiercz masters all the threads and finesse of her art, but also she possesses the feeling for the ductility of touch and the authority of sound plasticity; such strong points usually owned by highly reputed pianists.

No doubt she belongs to these top class pianists who have the capacity to revive how repertoires are listened to when their flavour were supposed to be depleted.

Emmanuelle has the courage to give her own understanding, an understanding issued from a sense of balance provided by a superb control of affects.

She definitely is a sincere and determined artist whose voice reveals the genuine decency of her inner being.